Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 1 - Collection Planning Meeting

So today is officially Day 1. We went to Ottawa General and met with the nurse coordinator, the pharmacisit and one of the doctors on the bone marrow transplant team.
We also recieved our first schedule for the collection regimen and a fancy chart with all of the drugs Chris will need to take.
The schedule goes like this:
October 16 - 4 hours of Cyclophosphamide (chemo to lower white blood cell count)
Octber 17 - 4 hours of hydration and electrolytes and we learn how to give Chris injections of Neupogen
October 18 - 26 - Daily Neupogen injections ( to boost stem cells)
October 22 - Physical and blood work to check for infections
October 26 - Blood work to check stem cell counts
October 27 - Stem cell collection (6 -8 hours)
October 28 - Additional stem cell collection ( if needed).
Then we wait for a 2 -3 weeks to find out when Chris will do his high-dose chemo followed by the stem cell  transplant.

The drug chart that we recieved detailed all the drugs and when to take them. We noticed that it seemed that each drug had a side effect that needed to be treated by another drug that may also have side effects that could require treatment. Chris will be taking two drugs for nausea, and if they don't work they have a third nausea drug to take as well. The only catch is that this third drug may cause Chris' eyes to roll back in his head and his joints to lock up. So if we take this drug, they have also prescribed another drug to go alongside it to prevent this. There is also a drug for pain (no Tylenol or Advil allowed), a drug for his kidneys, a drug for hydration, and this is on top of the daily injections he will need to take. Thank goodness for schedules.

In other news Chris decided that he would get a mohawk today. You see Chris has always wanted a mohawk, but always knew that he would never be taken seriously at work as an engineer. Now that he knew he was losing his hair, he decided that this was his opportunity. But in one of those "life's like that" moments, we also learned today that Chris will not lose his hair for another 2-3 weeks. So Chris now has a mohawk for much longer than he originally bargained for, but he did get his wish and I can't take him seriously.

We are off to clean the house to make sure it is germ free in advance of his chemo.

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