Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 11

After all of the excitement of the weekend, we have been trying to be as uneventful as possible. Good for Chris' health, bad for writing a blog.

Chris is still on the painkillers, and every so often believes he is tough enough that he doesn't need to take them anymore and about 15 minutes later changes his mind.

The drugs aren't making him feel the greatest, and he doesn't have much of an appetite. But he did insist on going to the grocery store( i.e. sent me out to the grocery store) so that he could have some chocolate chip cookies in his ice cream. I am not that concerned about his lack of appetite anymore.

We are starting to get excited for the end of the week when Chris will be off of his medication, will have finished his stem cell collection, and will be getting better by the day (instead of getting worse).

For your viewing pleasure we have a link to a W5 piece on the bone marrow stem cell transplant.
Just a few thing to keep in mind when you watch it:
1) Since the death of the MS patient in the clinical trial, there have been changes made to the procedure to make it more safe.
2) The best results have been seen in relapse remitting patients, such as Jennifer Molson (featured in the piece) and Chris
3) The stem cell treatment in China is nothing like the one that Chris is doing
4) W5 is a just a little dramatic sometimes.

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