Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 15

We are starting to get in preparation mode for Chris' second phase. Today, I went and got my first flu shot. I had been waiting until after Chris' stem cell collection as you are not allowed to go into that section of the hospital if you are showing ANY signs of a cold or flu. Since I was told that some of the side effects of the flu shots can be similar to flu-like symptoms (aches, fever, etc.) I was waiting to get through this first part. Now I can feel a lot more assured that I won't bring the flu home to Chris.

I also went out and bought a new winter jacket and a hat to cover Chris' soon-to-be bald head. We are really hoping for a milder winter (especially since snow shovelling duties will be on my shoulders this year), but thought we would go and buy warm things while we now have the time. Unrelated to this whole procedure, we also spent the day carving our new member of the family, Henry, the Jack-O'-Latern.

We also came across information about another patient, Alex Normandin, who went through this whole procedure in December 2008. He was a medical student at McGill University and when he had the treatment he was at a similar stage in his MS progression as Chris. At the time he was still able to work, but doctors were telling him that he was no longer responding to his medication and would likely end up in a wheelchair.

Here is an article about Alex:
Also, here is a YouTube video of Alex explaining the procedure. He is only 5 month post-transplant, so it is interesting just to see him.

Finally, we just wanted to send a big thank you for the care package that was delivered at our house today. It was so delicious.  (merci beaucoup!)

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