Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 16 - The Start of Another Weekend (Oh no!)

It is now after hospital hours on a Friday, so of course Chris has just informed me that he is having a strange reaction. Chris appears to only have strange reactions after our main contact on the bone marrow transplant team goes home for the weekend. Now these strange reactions usually end up with us spending the night in the hospital, but I have high hopes we may be able to deal with this one.

Chris has broken out in a rash on both of his arms around where his IV was inserted. It was barely noticeable yesterday, but today it has become more red and travelled down his arm. Chris literally told me this at 6:00 pm. Sometimes I really want to hurt this guy.

So after a quick call to Nurse Laurie (my mom) she guessed it was just an allergic reaction (possibly to the antiseptic used to clean his arm) and let us know what to look out for. We also read that Cyclophosphamide can sometimes cause skin irritations, but we think it might be a little too delayed for it to be that. So we will be making a trip to Shoppers Drug Mart tonight, but it will be for Benadryl and not narcotics. This is a welcome improvement from last weekend.

Other than this latest development, Chris has been doing great. We both have been spending a lot of time reading other patients' blogs and actually watching a few videos on YouTube. In the United States we found a similar procedure being conducted in a clinical trial, called Halt MS. From what I can tell,  the main difference is the chemotheraphy they use to knock out the immune system. In this trial they use  a chemotherapy regimen called BEAM, which consists of four different drugs (carmustine, etoposide, cytarabine, and melphalan). A couple of the patients that went through this kept blogs or posted videos at the end of their treatment. Now both of these patients were a lot worse off than Chris, but there stories and improvement are pretty incredible!

This is a blog from one of the patients that did Halt MS. It is very similar to what Chris and I are doing. The patient, Jamie is now one year out from the procedure.

This YouTube video is from the founder of a website called ActiveMsers ( The video is pretty funny and really honest, and I definetly recommend watching it when you have a minute (or 15) free.

Finally, we recieved another package in the mail today. We could get used to this :) Chris recieved a book that was autographed by the author (Jess Walter) and a message that said he was rooting for him. Honestly, all the support that we have been getting is great (and greatly appreciated). Speaking of which, we had two hits on our blog from the Phillipines today and now have over 1300 hits.

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