Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 17

Good news! First we did not spend the night at the hosptial last night. It turns out Chris was just having some sort of allergic reaction. Second, Chris is now two weeks post chemo and still has a full head of hair and his tastebuds. He seems to be handling this chemo pretty well, which is maybe a good sign for the second half of his treatmet (for anyone in the medical profession who is reading this, please don't make fun of  us too much for being so naive).

We are gearing up for a big Halloween tomorrow. It is our first time that we are actually staying in and I am a little excited to be able to hand out candy to kids in the neighbourhood. We decided it would be best if Chris just watched from the top of the stairs. I don't care if I am being overly cautious. Children are full of germs. You just can't trust them.

We know we have been sending you lots of links to videos and articles, but we thought we would send you one more (and we promise to try and limit them in the future). Today we have a link to Chris' doctor, Dr. Harry Atkins. He is the hematologist and member of the bone marrow transplant team. Since we are at a learning hospital, we have actually only seen him a few times. We are often with other doctors, pharmacisits, nurse coordinators, research fellows, and sometimes people we aren't even sure work for the hospital.

It can sometimes be confusing because you can ask the same question to all of them and get a different answer from each person. And we often find ourselves recounting Chris' medical history over and over, and sometimes it takes a lot of strength to not tell them to just read Chris' chart because all of the information is in there. But we really do like all of he doctors that are at the hospital, especially Dr. Atkins.

The first time we met Dr. Atkins it was to determine if Chris was a candidate, and we spent over two hours with him. He went over every detail of Chris' condition and even marked down our wedding date in his file. When Chris had the bone pain last weekend, it was Dr. Atkins that was on-call and he was very concerned when we called him that night and made sure Chris was seen right away. He even called us the next morning when he went into the hospital to make sure Chris was doing better and that the emergency doctor had prescribed Chris enough pain medication. The most telltale sign is everytime we mention his name to anyone on staff at the hospital they all comment about how great he is and how much he cares about his patients.

So after my long love letter about Chris' doctor, here is a link to him being interviewed about this procedure.

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