Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 3 - Chemo

Today Chris had his first dose of Cyclophosphamide. We were at the hospital from 10:30 to 3:30 and the whole process was pretty surreal. Luckily we recieved the VIP treatment, and they gave us our own room with a TV and a private washroom. We also were able to hook up our laptop and watch videos. We took a couple photos of his room (you get bored sitting around for 5 hours), so we will post them soon.

We also learned how to give Chris his injections, which I was a pro at (after practicing a lot on a padded j-cloth). 

Since this chemo drug is so tough on the bladder (and could cause damage to it), Chris has to drink and go the bathroom every hour for the next 24 hours (including throughout the night). After staying up essentially for 24 hours, we are due back at the hospital tomorrow at 10:30, so hopefully they give us a bed again so Chris can nap.

Chris is doing really well so far. His only real symptoms is cloudiness in his head. He still can taste everything, has an appetite and no nausea. They gave him two pills for nausea while he was there and a pill for his kidneys, so it looks like they are working :)

Also, we start his drug regimen tonight (one hydration pill and two nausea pills), so hopefully he still feels this way tomorrow.

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