Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 4 (And the end of Day 3)

First, here are some photos of Chris getting chemo in his private room yesterday.

Second,  it turns out that Chris and I jinxed ourselves with our last blog post. Remember how we said that Chris was doing great? Well he is doing well again, but we hit our first low last night.

As we mentioned before, as part of Chris' first chemo treatment, he needed to drink and go to the bathroom every hour last night to ensure that the chemo did not damage his bladder and got out of his system. This worked well while we were at the hospital and Chris was getting hydration through an IV, but for some reason after 7:00 last night it didn't matter how much Chris drank, he could not go to the bathroom. Five hours later, a nauseous, bloated, and hurting Chris was admitted to the hospital. They gave him hydration through his IV again and ran a bunch of tests to make sure his kidneys were working.

The good news? His kidneys are fine and after a long night and getting sick a few times, Chris was back to normal again by noon and out of the hospital by 2:30.

The not-as-good news? They aren't sure why he reacted that way to the chemo. We also got about 2 hours of sleep last night, which has made for a quiet day today.

We start giving Chris his injections to boost his stem cells tomorrow.

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  1. Chris & Erin, thanks for this blog! What a great was to keep family and friends informed throughout your journey.

    Much Love, Jim & Brenda.
    PS - That is one "Fine" looking Mowhawk!