Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 5 - Start Neupogen

Today Chris started taking the neupogen injections to boost his stem cells before his stem cell collection next Wednesday. We will do this daily until then. The main side effects for this is bone pain, primarily in the long bones and the joints. This is caused by the stem cells overflowing from the bone marrow into the body. Luckily, this has yet to happen.

In term of  other side effects from the chemo and other drugs, Chris has been doing relatively well. He has some mild nausea, heartburn and a few headaches. However, what seems to be bugging him the most are the chronic hiccups he seems to have. At least 30 times today Chris has had to fight hiccup attacks that DO NOT want to go away. We have been brainstorming different remedies: holding your breath, controlling your breathing, plugging your ears (don't laugh, apparently it is reccomended by doctors!) and Chris even tried lying his head down on kitchen counter in the dark (the surprising cure).

We have also been fighting boredom a little bit (thank goodness it is hockey season!) However, Chris decided that a fun thing we could do today would be to work on his mohawk. He decided he wanted it shorter. The pictures we are posting are the result. Let's just hope this boredom doesn't last long because I can only imagine what else he is planning on doing to his head.

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  1. love the new 'do pc!

    thinking of you guys always xoxoxo tay