Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 9 - First Checkup

We had Chris' first checkup today, and everything went really well. No fever or signs of infection, strong vitals and he even gained one pound (it must be all the ice cream I am making him eat!)

He had a bunch of bloodwork done, and they are going to call and have us come in if anything is out of the ordinary. If we don't hear anything, we are set to go in for his second checkup on Tuesday. They also told us to be really careful over the weekend, because Chris will be at a high risk for infection.

Unfortunately, Chris is starting to get bone pain from the neupogen in his back, which apparently is one of the most common areas. So he has back pain, no hair and a foggy memory. Sometimes I think I am living with my Chris 50 years from now.

Oh and one other quick thing! We have had a lot of people ask if we wanted to keep this blog private or if it was okay to share with other people. When we first talked about having this blog, one of the main reasons was the fact that we learned so much about this procedure and other MS treatments through other patients' blogs. And the one thing we have really noticed since telling people about Chris' multiple sclerosis is that everyone we tell is only one or two degrees of seperation from someone who has MS. We have no problem with people sharing this blog, and it's nice to know that we have a lot of people following and rooting for Chris.

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