Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lucky Day 13

We have decided that we find the number 13 lucky. On Chris' 13th day of treatment, we got the call that his stem collection went really, really well and he didn't need to go in today! We posted some more pictures from yesterday's collection . Chris fell asleep for awhile, so I got bored and took a bunch of pictures of the machine. Sorry for those of you who don't like looking at blood!

It turns out all of that pain was actually a really good thing. Although, I am not sure Chris is ready to admit it. But it does mean we are finished the first half of this treatment. Now, Chris just needs to get into shape for the second part, which we are looking at doing at the end of November (pending on scheduling issues). 

In the meantime we are dealing with all the other fun things associated with taking a medical leave. The main one: short term disability forms. We had the pleasure of recieving a nice letter from SunLife Financial yesterday night telling us that Chris had missed the 30 day deadline and would be denied coverage. Seeing as it had been less than two weeks since Chris went on disability, we were more than a little confused.

It turns out that Chris' work indicated on their forms that Chris' last day of work was September 17. This was true, but that was because Chris was off getting married and away on his honeymoon. The insurance company took it to mean that Chris was off on disability at this time.

We have now spent all day talking to countless customer service representatives trying to explain to them that Chris was just not at work, he wasn't on disability. At one point I heard Chris yell into the phone, "I was on vacation in Greece and I am pretty sure I wasn't disabled at that time!". We got transferred after that.

So even after all of those calls, we are still waiting for the Abilities Case Manager to call us back. In the meantime, Chris' work has faxed over a letter explaining that they were paying Chris while he was on vacation, and that his last day of work was not the same as his last day before his procedure.

To cool Chris off a little, we went out for a walk today. Chris' doctors have indicated that it is really good for Chris to get exercise in this period, so he can be nice and strong for the second part. Since the weather seems to be be cooperating with us (it was 19 here in Ottawa today!) we went for a walk along the Ottawa River. We can't go very far, because Chris gets tired fairly quickly. It was REALLY nice to get out of the house though.

Oh and on a completely unrelated topic, we just wanted to say a very BIG thank you to everyone reading our blog. When we came back from what was a fairly frustrating day, we checked to see our blog statistics (we can see how many people read our blog each day and from what country they are from). We already had 145 visits today, and even a few from Cuba! It is really a great feeling to have so many people following  this blog.

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