Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 20

It's very strange to think that we started this blog 20 days ago!  We don't have a lot to update today. We are still battling to get rid of Chris' hives/rash. Another trip to Shoppers Drug Mart today, so hopefully we have figured out the magic combination. We are mainly getting anxious for the second part of this procedure. We know it is going to be incredibly hard and the more time we have before the procedure, the more time we spend reading how hard it is really going to be. Since Chris is feeling relatively healthy right now,  we want to start before he gets sicks (or I get sick) with anything.

All of this time also makes you wonder and question your decisions. While I know that this made the most amount of sense for us to do now, when you have a lot of time to think about things, you always wonder whether your decisions is going to work out for you in the end. It is entirely possible that this procedure might not produce the same results as it did for other patients. That is the issue when you have a disease that you don't understand the exact cause, you don't know how to stop it from coming back.

The only other news we have to report is that since I will leaving Thursday afternoon to attend my best friend's wedding this Saturday, Chris will be taking on the main blogging role. And they bettter be good, Chris! I know I am probably going to be checking the blog at least 8 times a day to make sure you are doing okay.

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