Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 22- Pleasant Surprises

So Erin left today to go home for her best friend's wedding, and has thus left me to write the blog posts for the weekend. I'm sure it will be easy to tell that I do not have the same calibre of writing skill as Erin (major difference between engineers and communications advisers). I will try my best to keep the blog interesting and informative.

I had the pleasure of receiving a couple of care packages today, which included a giant Mrs. Fields cookie, some more movies to watch, a couple of magazines and some tostitos and dip. It was a really nice surpise (hence the title of this post). I've attached a photo of the gifts I received today.

My health has been really good so far. It really doesn't feel like I should be on disability. However, having a weakened immune system is not something that you can feel if you are strictly following all of the doctor's orders (i.e. stay away from germs). The arm rashes are finally starting to calm down as I continue to use the Hydro-Cortisone. As Dr. Atkins told us at our appointment yesterday, it may take up to a week to fully go away.

My hair has still yet to start falling out. Erin gave me strict orders to make sure that I don't lose my hair before she returns on Sunday. I don't know if I really have any control over that, but I'll try my best. She doesn't seem to deal well with the ever-changing hair. 

And now I have come to the end of my first full blog entry. Usually my role in this blog is developing ideas for blog topics and I leave the writing up to Erin. So I hope I did a good job with this one. And lastly I would like to end this entry with a shout out to my wife Erin. I am still healthy and not bald.


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