Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 24- It Feels Like Winning the Lottery

Again, there is not much change from yesterday. I am still feeling pretty good and am managing to hold onto my hair. We have decieded that since we have awhile before the next part of the procedure that we will only post a two to three times a week instead of once a day. We thought we would let you all know so that you didn't worry if we didn't post. No news is good news. Once we start the second part of the procedure we will start posting once a day again. And as soon as we get the start date, we will let you all know.
I will use this opportunity to discuss how being given the chance to have this procedure feels a lot like winning the lottery. It is a bitter sweet victory. It is bitter that I have developed this disease, but sweet that I qualify to have this ground breaking treatment performed. I am grateful that I live in the only Canadian city offering this treatment for multiple sclerosis. I am blessed that I live in a country that has a public healthcare system that is willing to pay for this procedure and for having a wife who went to extreme measures to research this procedure. She got in contact with patients who have had this procedure and helped me get in contact with the physicians performing this procedure.
I know it might sound kind of strange to say that getting the opportunity to have high dose chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant is a lot like winning the lottery. But in my case it really is. I really am in the right place at the right time. I have a great team of medical professionals looking after me including hematologists, neurologists, clinical physicians, administrative assistants, advanced practice nurse coordinators, BMT liaison nurses, clinical dieticians, clinical pharmacists and social workers.
I told myself and Erin that all I want to get out of this procedure is a halt in the progression of this disease, or dare I say, “a cure”. And if I see any improvements, that is just the cherry on top.

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