Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 32 - Hair today, gone tomorrow

A few days ago Chris' hair finally started to fall out. I guess when I originally envisioned Chris losing his hair, I expected him to wake up one morning and he would just be bald (I am not sure where his hair would have disappeared to, maybe the "hair fairy"?). Or maybe he would have a shower and it would just all wash off. Now that I am writing this down, I realize how silly it sounds.

Instead, Chris has been slowly shedding. We noticed at first tons of hair lying on his pillow, then on his shirt, then on his face and now basically everywhere he sits. I essentially just follow him around with a lint brush. I never realized how much hair he has though, because even though he has lost thousands of hair, he still has a slightly thinner head of hair.

The good news story of all of this? I now have evidence that Chris steals my pillow at night. For years, Chris has denied that he steals my pillow away from me at night, but now that his hair covers half of my pillow in the morning, I have forensic evidence that says the contrary.

We know that a lot of other people with MS are now following our blog, so we thought we would post a couple big news stories that have happened this week for those who are interested.

- On Tuesday, the Collège des médecins du Québec (CMQ), a body that represents Quebec doctors, advised MS patients to not have the "liberation treatment." The body stated that scientist don’t know whether the blocked veins cause the disease or are a symptom of it, and whether they have anything to do with the onset of symptoms.

-CTV followed up with a number of Canadian patients who have underwent the "liberation treatment" in other countries with negative results

- A summary of an international conference on the treatment and research of multiple sclerosis that took place in Gothenburg, Sweden on October 13-16 was posted on the MS Society website.

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