Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 35

So we finally have received a date from the Bone Marrow Transplant team.

Chris will begin the second half of this procedure on Thursday, December 2. We will be going in for our planning meeting (similar to the one we did on Day 1) where we will get our full list of appointments, as well as a detailed chart of all the drugs Chris will be on.

Next, on Decemeber 3, Chris will be admitted to the hospital and have his PICC line inserted and start chemo again. While Chris will technically be doing out-patient treatment, they will admit Chris as he will be at the hospital everyday and will very likely need to be admitted overnight throughout.

While the full schedule still needs to be approved by Dr. Atkins, we were told that the stem cell transplantation is tentatively scheduled for Monday, Decemeber 13. This is often referred to a "Day 0". After this day you start recovering and building a new immune system. Some people even consider it their new birthday. Chris will likely try and pull off having two birthdays now.

I didn't realize how incredibly nervous I was about this until we found out the date. I am finding the need to make lists of things we will need. What to pack in our hospital bag? What to buy for groceries that Chris will be able to eat? Having a Type-A personality can really drive you insane during something like this.

On a much brighter note, Chris and I will be celebrating our two month wedding anniversary tomorrow! Yes, I know, it is pretty huge milestone. But I figured since we missed our one month anniversary (if you look back you will see we celebrated by getting to do Chris first neupogen injection! It was very romantic) and our three month anniversary is sort of out the window, that two months is as good a reason as any to celebrate.
So tomorrow I have assured myself that Chris will:
a) remember, and
b) come up with some romantic gesture, an elaborate surprise, that will surely knock me off of my feet and remind me why I married him.

He, of course, did NOT just realize these facts after finishing reading this blog post and is NOT now sweating profusely.

I'm kidding. Happy Anniversary, Chris! I hope our next month of marriage is full of little surprises and lots of luck!

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  1. Good luck Chris and Erin! This fellow HALT-MSer (March 2010) is following your story. I've also promoted and linked to your blog from in our forum section (under Dave's SCT Journey). Feel free to ping me with any questions. Oh, and don't eat your favorite foods while on chemo; you don't want that association!