Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 47

Today will be the last time we post before Chris starts his procedure on Thursday and we go back to our daily posts. Chris is planning his last night out for 2010 on Wednesday and is already making meal requests before he starts chemo (we have been told by quite a few people to not eat your favourite foods while on chemo). Speaking of which, if anyone who has undergone chemo has any tips, please send them our way by posting a comment or sending us an email (look in the About Me section for the address). The Internet, although extremely helpful, tends to have a lot of conflicting information on what helps when you are undergoing chemo.

Leading up to this, we have become obsessed with the television show House. We recieved 5 seasons of the show from a friend, and I am sure all of the doctors will be happy to know that I am now too an expert in diagnostic medicine (naturally). I would like to forewarn you all that future reports may also include some of my own diagnosis that I have learned all about, such as the bubonic plague and African sleeping sickness (according to the show, they appear to be more common than we think!) Essentially, I would just like to forewarn anyone else thinking about doing this procedure that it is a terrible idea to watch House (or any medical show for that matter) before doing this treatment, because now I am far more paranoid for a million rare conditions that Chris may somehow get.

Alright, that is everything for now. Be prepared for a super long post on Thursday. We are going to be receiving a lot of information that day!

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