Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day -1 (pt.2)

So we are finally writing this blog from our house, and it feels great. Chris finally got to leave the hospital at 7:30 tonight (4 days and 3 nights after he was admitted). We are due back at the hospital at 11:00 tomorrow, but being able to shower and sleep at home makes a huge difference.

Now that today is done we can officially say that everything from this point forward is making Chris healthier. For the last 9 days Chris has been pumped full of drugs aimed to kill his immune system and make him sick, and now every drug they give him is to help him stay healthy and grow back an immune system. This starts with getting his stem cells tomorrow!

Last night did not go as smoothly as we had hoped. While Chris did not have any issues due to the ATG, all of the chemo has done a number on his gastrointenstinal tract and he had pretty bad stomach and back pain. Luckily, because he was still hooked up to an IV, they were able to give him some pain killers and gravol and he was better within an hour.

Today was pretty uneventful. Chris started his ATG at 1:00 (for 6 hours) because they need to wait 24 hours from the last dose. We spent the day watching TV in bed, walking laps and catching up on our lack of sleep. One of the highlights was at 12:30 when Chris officially could stop going to the washroom every hour since the Cyclo would no longer damage his bladder. However, since Chris was hooked up to hydration all day, he ended up having to go more frequently that that (pretty ironic, I guess).

Before we left we went over a bunch of new medications for Chris, which included antifungal and antibiotics to make sure he does not develop an infection. As of this morning Chris' white blood cell count was 0.7, and he will have no immune system for tomorrow, so he needs to be extremely cautious. We also found out tonight that if Chris is admitted with an infection, they will keep him in this hospital until his counts are up. That means if he has an infection early on, he could be in the hospital for a couple of weeks. So we have both super paraoid and have washed our hands at least 50 times today.

Anyway, we only have about 12 hours until we are back at the hospital, so we are going to try and take advantage of our time off. I have a glass of wine to relax and Chris has a bowl of ice cream. He needs to gain back the weight he loss in the hospital.

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