Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day +10 (post-transplant)

Can I please have a drum roll?

Chris' counts:

Platelets: 19

Hemoglobin: 90

Neutrophils: 0.0

And White Blood Cells....0.3. Chris' WBC are now on the rise!

Now keep in mind a normal WBC is 4.3 to 10.8, so Chris is still a long way off. But he is now defintely going upwards and getting better, so today is a good day!

Despite feeling better and getting an improvement in his counts, Chris is still battling a pretty determined fever. And it really likes to show its face at night. Last night was no different. When the night shift started, Chris' nurse took his vitals and he was a 40.2 C (that is over 104 F)! They gave him Tylenol and I started putting ice cold towels on his head to try and break his fever. Two hours later, he was still burning up and his blood pressure was way down. They called the doctor and they ended up pumping him full of fluids and then we rubbed water and a little bit of alcohol on his back. The combination of all of these things seemed to bring down his fever and stabilize his blood pressure. Since then he has gone back and forth to getting a fever (although not as bad as 40 C), and breaking his fever all day. The weird thing is, unless you touch his skin, you can't tell when he is going to have a fever. He will be feeling fine and having a regular conversation and then all of a sudden they take his temperature and he will be over 39 C. I think Chris is just trying to keep us all on our toes.

Needless to say there was not a lot of sleeping last night. When patients run a fever that high, the nurses are frequently checking his vital signs and coming in to give him more fluids and tylenol.

This is why it is especially good news that his white blood cells are coming up. Once he makes enough of those white blood cells they can go and get rid of this infection that he has been fighting for the last week.

His pain level also seems to be down a bit. Although it is hard to tell if it is just his new pain killers or not.

His nurse also told him that patients who eat the most tend to get out of the hospital the fastest, so he finished all of his meals today and drank an Ensure (high-calorie milkshakes) and several cookies at every meal.

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  1. Congraltulations! This is an awesome event second only to the actual stem cell infusion day 0. Rising lymphocyte counts means that feeling better quickly follows.