Friday, December 3, 2010

Day -10

Today was Chris' first day of chemo for the stem cell transplant, and it was a very long day. We reported to admissions at 8:15 and Chris was formally admitted to the hospital. The benefit of this is that Chris can opt to stay any night, if he isn't feeling well enough to go home. However, for the first time, we were in a shared room since Chris is not currently at risk for infection.

After that it was off to the immunocompromised section of the hospital for bone marrow transplants and blood cancers (5 West), where Chris had all of his vitals checked, blood work done and we did a bunch of patient questionaires. They also cleaned and redressed Chris' PICC line. Since the PICC line goes directly into the large vein beside the heart, they have to be really careful about anything contaminating the site.

By about 11:00, Chris was finally hooked up to the Busulphan, which he received for 3 hours. Throughout the chemo, we met with a pharmacist, doctors, a social worker, and the assissant to the manager on the floor. We are trying to find out new ways to pass the time while at the hospital. We found out that the hosptial has wireless Internet, the only problem is that it rarely works (by rarely, we mean never). Since we were in a shared room, we couldn't watch a movie or a television show. So instead Chris played 17 games of Free Cell and I am almost finished my second book.

We also received Chris' medication chart for the next little while.
Dilantin to prevent seizures (three pills three times a day for the first day and then once a day after that for five days).
Ursodiol to protect the liver (one pill four times day).
Allopurinol to protect the kidneys (one pill once a day for nine days).
Zofran to prevent nausea (one pill twice a day for 10 days).
Decadron to prevent nausea (two pills twice a day to prevent nausea).

Chris was also given a bunch of other medications to use on an as needed basis.
Prochlorperazine for additional nausea (one pill every four hours as needed).
Maxeran and Benadryl for additional nausea (two pills and one half pill of Benadryl every 4 hours as needed).
Ativan for sleeping problems and anxiety (one pill every six hours as needed).

So far, we are much bigger fans of Busulphan than the Cyclophosphamide. Other than feeling a little dizzy, Chris is doing well. He can continue to drink coffee and we don't need to wake up every hour on the hour (Busulphan 3, Cyclophosphamide 0).

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