Friday, December 24, 2010

Day +11 (post-transplant)

Merry Christmas Eve!

While we are spending the holiday in the hospital this year, we have had a lot to get excited about recently.

Chris' counts were up again today:

White Blood Cell: 0.9

Platelets: 11 (this was low, but he was still high enough not to get platelets)

Hemoglobin: 91

Neutrophils: 0.55

Yes, Chris finally has neutrophils. This is huge! And we can definitely tell the difference. Neutrophils are part of white blood cells (they make 60 to 70 percent of them) and they are responsible for fighting bacteria and fungus. So this means Chris is starting to get cells that will fight off his infection.

And they seem to be working, because Chris has almost gone 24 hours without a fever now, which is a pretty big deal. It means that Chris may finally be beating this infection. We met with a member of the infectious disease team and she was really happy with Chris' progress. They also indicated that the fact that Chris has less pain now means that he may be able to heal on his own. If not, he will not need to go in for minor surgery in two to three weeks. We are just so happy to be over what seems to be the worst part that minor surgery seemed like a walk in the park.

We had a bunch of other highlights today. Chris was able to get out of bed and walk a few laps around the ward (about 200 metres) and he was able to go down to the family lounge and watch television for an hour. You can see that he is getting so much stronger. There were a bunch of nurses on the floor that had treated Chris when he was really sick and they commented on how much better he looked.

So while we have been spoiled over the last few days with some gifts from our family and friends (there was delicious chocolates and a gift card to spa on my door step today), we have decided that all we want for Christmas this year is more white blood cells for Chris. As sappy as it sounds, nothing makes me happier each day then getting to hear that his counts are getting higher.

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  1. Chris +1. MS -1. A great Christmas present! Hope your holidays are great (and improving, as expected).