Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day +12 (post-transplant)

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Tonight's post will be short.

Despite having low platelets (less than 10) and low hemoglobin (76), Chris' counts are looking great.

His white blood cell count was 1.7 and his neutrophil count was 1.5. And since he was able to get a blood transfusion and a platelet transfusion today, he is really feeling a lot better.

Chris was able to do 10 laps (approx 1 km) today without a rest and he had so much more energy. Still no signs of a fever either!

His nurse today even commented that his blood counts are high enough for him to go home. We just need to get his pain under control. Chris switched to taking his pain killers orally instead of by injection, and so far so good!

We are hoping to be able to talk to his doctors tomorrow about starting the transition to become an outpatient again. One thing we have learned here is that it is really easy for doctors to decide to make you an inpatient, but really hard for doctors to agree to let you be an outpatient.

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