Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day +15 (post-transplant)

Today we arrived at the hospital ay 8:00 am and left the hospital at 9:30 am. It seemed to be first day that Chris had no issues. He came in, had antibiotics and since he was doing so well, he didn't even need to see a doctor.

His counts were down again today, but they reassured us that they are still in a "safe range."

WBC: 2.7

Platelets: 38

Hemoglobin: 96

Neutrophils : 2.2 (from yesterday)

Other than his pain and fatigue, Chris is feeling pretty good. He is already asking when we can stop going to the hospital every day. He is definitely sick of the hospital. He won't even watch any TV shows about hospitals anymore.

However, since we had the rest of the day away from the hospital, Chris got to have his first visitor today! He tried his hardest to stay awake the whole time, but he is still having a hard time staying awake for long periods. We were a little nervous about him having people visit him at the house, especially with his counts going down these last few days. But having someone come by made both of us feel a lot better and as long as we are careful, it is really worth taking a little bit of a risk.

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