Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day +16 (post-transplant)

When we visited the hospital today it was the first time we had seen some of Chris' doctors since they left to go on Christmas break. Everyone was commenting on how much of a difference that time had made.

Chris is still really tired. He has several two hour naps a day. And when he is awake he still feels tired. He also has a really hard time concentrating on things. It makes sense though since growing a new immune system takes a lot of energy.

One of the things that we were trying to concentrate on today was insurance. Now we have been extremely fortunate compared to other people. We have read about people spending thousands of dollars to get this procedure done. Luckily for Chris, this procedure is free and all the drugs are covered. Our only expenses came from parking fees and cafeteria visits for me. Chris was even covered for short term and long term disability, so we didn't need to worry about losing his income.

However, while Chris was in the hospital we received a letter saying that as of December 26, he would no longer be finished his disability leave. There was no explanation as to why it was happening. Of course we didn't read this letter until we got home from the hospital on December 26, and then the next two days were holidays. We called today and Chris' case worker was not in the office and no one at the call centre knew why all of sudden we had to resubmit a ton of forms to apply for disability coverage again. Chris' doctors have already started filling out the forms and are explaining that Chris could be out for another 6 months, but it means that until the forms are submitted and evaluated we are back to hating insurance companies.

Other than being tired and hating insurance companies, Chris is still doing well.

His counts for today are:

WBC: 3

Platelets: 26

Hemoglobin: 116

Neutrophils: 2.6

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