Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day +17 (post-transplant)

Chris is pretty proud that he still didn't lose all of his hair. You can
still see it faintly in this photo.

Today's trip to the hosptial was a little eventful. While Chris has had really no nausea during or after the transplant, he seems to have developed this new symptom later on. He got sick on Monday and Wednesday after breakfast, but he thought this was triggered by brushing his teeth too vigourously. However, today Chris got violently sick on the way to the hospital. We had  to pull over on the side of the road and put on a little bit of a show for people waiting for the bus. When we arrived at the hospital they gave him an IV anti-nausea. He was still sick a second time after he had drank some orange juice to take his pills. They tried a second anti-nausea and it seemed to do the trick.

Now it is very common for transplant and chemo patients to have nausea during or shortly after chemo, but it is a little strange to get nausea for the first time nearly three weeks from his last dose of chemo. But Chris likes to do things differently. He is starting to take an anti-nausea pill a half hour before any of his meals and we now travel with a plastic bag.

We also received some good news today. Chris will go in for antibiotics again tomorrow. He will then get a day off on New Year's Day and then will go back for one more day. If he seems to be doing well, he will be transfered to the clinic where he will start visiting twice a week, then once a week and finally only once a month. Since Chris can't stand going to the hospital now, he was extremely happy to find out that we would get to be going to the hospital less.

His counts today did not show much change:

WBC: 2.9

Platelets: 19

Hemoglobin: 116

They did not have his neutrophil count in yet, but I get the feeling that now that he is above 0.5, they don't seem to be that concerned about this count anymore.

One of his doctors examined him and it looks like his abscess is healing well. They are still not sure if Chris will need to have surgery down the road, but they are hoping now that Chris' white blood cells are kicking in that he will be able to fix himself. He is still in a lot of pain and is on a lot of pain killers. It is definitely more manageable now though and they seemed to have found a good balance for Chris.

We are now getting ready for New Year's Eve tomorrow night. We received some gifts from friends full of party hats, champagne and decorations. Chris has not been allowed to drink any alcohol yet, but we are going to ask his doctors for special permission tomorrow. We have had a pretty interesting year and it would be nice to toast to a new year that didn't include MS.

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  1. Happy New Year to both of you! Very happy to read that Chris' health trajectory is upward. And the blood counts look quite good!