Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day -2

Today was a much better day. Chris finished his Chemo (yippee!!) and only has one more day of ATG. He doesn't have much of an appetite, but he is still eating all of his meals.

However, since Chris has such a high dosage of cyclo, the doctor decided that it would be best if Chris stayed in the hospital for another night. I think someone on 5 West must really like Chris, but apparently don't want to see him go. Although, the doctor did promise (by promise I mean he said, "I think") Chris can go home tomorrow.

This was a big disappointment for Chris, because he was really looking forward to going home tonight.  The steriods that he is on make him really anxious and jittery, and he hates having to stay in his hospital room. To try and get rid of his "cabin fever", we went for a walk around the ward. Chris is on a locked section of the hospital and he has to wear a mask when he leaves his room, but there is a nice 100 metre route that we can for a walk around. We ended up doing 2 km of walking today (yep, 20 laps) around the ward. Chris, of course, has the squeeky IV machine, so people could hear us before we are coming. Maybe we will annoy the other patients and nurses enough that they will just send us home to get rid of us!

Also, to help Chris feel better tonight we are going to try and take over the family lounge on the floor and watch the Leafs - Habs game. So if anyone has any connections with the Leafs, could they please let them know that they need to win tonight to help cheer Chris up

In terms of Chris' health, he is feeling healthier, but we are starting to see the signs of the chemo and ATG.

Chris white blood cell count has plummeted in the last few days, so we need to be extremely precautious. At the beginning on the week he was 10.8 and by today he was only a 3. A normal white blood count rate is 10.8 to 4.3. Chris will eventually hit 0 before this whole thing is over.

He is also starting to loose a bit of weight. When we started this, he was 182 lbs (mainly due to all the ice cream he ate, because he needed to "bulk up for this") and he is now down to 176  lbs. We aren't really that concerned about this, because when we got married less than 3 months ago he was 168 lbs (yah, he ate A LOT of ice cream).

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