Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day +2 (post-transplant)

Remember how happy we were to be home?

Well that lasted two days.

Unfortunately, Chris was admitted today and will need to stay in the hospital until his blood counts stabilize. According to Chris' doctors that will take at least 12 to 14 days, so we here for the long haul (and Christmas)

We definetly had mixed emotions with Chris getting admitted. On one hand, Chris was in a lot of pain when he was admitted and hospital are great for getting rid of that. But getting admitted for two weeks? That was not what we had planned.

It all started a few days when Chris started having pain when he went to the washroom. Chris' doctors were not that concerned and prescribed him some pain killers. Two days later we were out of pain killers and Chris was having a hard time moving around the house and had developed different rashes all over his body. When we arrived at his appointment today he had a slight fever, which automatically means he needed to be admitted. They gave him antibiotics, but three hours later his fever had actually risen considerably.

After that, the nurses gave him a bunch of drugs, ran a bunch of tests and he will likely have a CT scan tomorrow to make sure everything is okay. It was a lot of things happening all at once so unfortunately I need to be vague as to what they actually did. They did warn Chris not to scratch any of his rashes, because he is very prone to getting a staph infection (which I just googled to find out what it was, and does not sound fun!).

It was a little scary at first. They had Chris on so many drugs, especailly pain killers that he was really out of it. When I left to go home to get him his overnight things, I was freaking out a little. An hour after I was home Chris gave me a call from the hospital. He had completely forgot me leaving his room and any of the conversations we had, but he was feeling a lot better and was back to his regular self.

I am back at the hospital with Chris now and he was feeling well enough to watch television in the family lounge (although I think he has fallen asleep on the couch next to me). He also ate a full meal for dinner and asked me if I could bring him ice cream next time I go out (a sure sign that he is feeling better)

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