Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day +3 (post-transplant)

Chris still isn't doing very well today. They have him on a lot of antibiotics and a lot of hydration to fight the fever. The downside to all of the hydration is that it made Chris go the washroom every 15 to 20 minutes last night and most of today. It's a bad night when you miss it when Chris only had to go to the washroom every hour (oh the good ol' days).

His counts right now are:
White  Blood Cell  - 0.1
Hemoglobin - 104
Platelets - 22
Absolute neutophil count:- 0.0 (I was told they use this count to determine when Chris can be discharged)

We have started to receive his counts now daily, so I will try and remember to include them in the blog so you can see his improvements. We also found out that Chris' blood cultures from Tuesday came back and he is growing a bacteria, so we now know he has an infection, but they still need to determine which one. Once they do they will be better able to treat it by picking a more specific antibiotic. I had Chris' doctor reassure me several times that this happens to everyone on the transpant, and that an infection is not anything to be alarmed about.

Chris has maintained his fever for the most part of the day (38.8 C), and has been really bothered by the pain. They aren't 100 per cent what is causing it, but a "pain expert" ( I don't think that was his exact title) came and saw Chris today and he thinks that Chris may have an abscess along his GI tract. He has been on pain medication all day, and they are hooking him up to a machine that will let him self-administer pain medication. When it starts to get bad, he can up his dosage (but, don't worry they have a limit so that you can't overdose). Due to all of these drugs, Chris has been really out of it today. I think he has been  a lot of entertainment to some of the nurses that come and check in on him. They will ask him how he is feeling, and he will respond  with " I don't remember your name", or "I was admitted yesterday." If you have ever seen the video "David After Dentist" on YouTube (if you haven't, google it now!), that is a little how it is like . However, every once in awhile Chris will all of a sudden wake up from a nap and seem completely normal, which is very comforting to see.

He also has a bunch of rashes and bruises all over him. He is receiving daily neupogen shots to boost his stem cells and they are causing some major bruises on his stomach. But just like a lot of the symptoms that Chris has been having, they look a lot worse that they appear.

The good news is that Chris still has an appetite. He sent me down to get him cookies from Tim Hortons today and ate all three of his meals. He also is in relatively good spirits and still always asks me how the blog is doing and reminds me constantly to update it.  I keep on asking him if he is feeling any pain,and he responds, "Have you updated the blog yet?" At least he has his priorties straight.

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