Friday, December 10, 2010

Day -3

Am I the only one who can't wait until Monday? I don't think I have ever dreaded a weekend before.

They are keeping Chris in the hospital for another night. We may get to go home tomorrow (they are making a day-by-day judgement call), but Chris is finding it a lot easier to go to the washroom every hour when he is just getting IV hydration all night. He hated having to force himself to keep drinking Gatorade every hour. The only downside is that Chris had his vitals checked every hour too (since he was still fighting a fever until this morning) and his washroom breaks and vital checks were never at the same time.

We really are happy that we stayed the night yesterday. Chris ended up going on IV hydromorphone for back pain and IV anti-nausea medication all night. He still ended up being sick multiple times and looked pretty rough today. However, he did get more sleep and as an in-patient they bring him all of his medication and meals, so it really makes it a lot easier.

Since Chris had such a strong reaction to the ATG yesterday, they gave it to him over 6 and half hours today, and it seems to be a lot better. He spent most of the day sleeping, but was back to his usual self around dinner.

We also got moved to a nicer room today. It even has a nice sitting area for me :)  They have a divider in the room so that I can sit with the lights on and windows open on one side (and write this blog), and Chris can sleep (like he presently is) with the lights off on his side. It also faces a construction site, which most people would not like, but being the engineer that he is Chris likes watching to see what they are doing and letting me know
the type of building material they are using (I have learned a lot about concrete made for cold temperatures!)

Now we just need to get through this weekend! Two more nights of no sleep, one more day of Cyclo, and two more days of ATG until Chris gets his stem cells back!

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