Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day +5 (post-transplant)

Today started off pretty well, but ended pretty bad.

Chris is still okay in terms of his health.  His fever broke today, and he still is able to eat and drink without pain. His counts are the same as yesterday. Although I would like to correct myself and point out that his hemoglobin is 96, not 46. My mom (a nurse) pointed out that he would be in a lot of trouble if his hemoglobin was 46. He received a platelet transfusion and neupogen again today. We are alsoe still waiting for him to have an MRI.

However, he had a really bad reaction to the morphine that they switched him to and to  another medication that he had today to help him sleep. Combined the drugs made him feel really confused, anxious, paranoid and angry. To try and calm him down they moved me into another room and have given him some sedatives and some anti-anxiety medications.

 It's been a long night, so that's all I have to post for today. Hopefully tomorrow will have less hurdles.

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