Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day -6

It was great having a day off from the hospital today. The hospital did call though and we will be starting up at 9:00 am  tomorrow. We were really happy about this, because it is nice to get it over with and if anything goes wrong it gives us lots of time to call them and not use the emergency after hours number. You may remember that everytime something goes wrong we tend to go to the hospital at midnight.

 Chris still had to take his medications, make sure to rinse with the saline rinse (approximately 8 times a day), take his temperature (no fever!) and monitor his liquid input and output. So far, he seems to be inputting a lot more than he is outputting (too much info?), so it is something that we will definetly bring up to his doctors tomorrow. We also started packing a little suitcase in the event that Chris is admitted, so that we will have some overnight things ready at a moment's notice.

Luckily, Chris still has not had any major symptoms. He does find that he is really jittery and anxious (as if he had drank 8 cups of coffee) and is still finding it hard to sleep despite taking sleeping pills. We had our first opportunity to sleep in this morning, and Chris was awake at 7:30. For people who don't know Chris well, he has been known to stay in bed for most of the morning when given the opportunity.  He also started taking more anti-nausea medication, but has not yet been sick.

I spent the day trying to clean the house as much as possible, including taking Lysol wipes to anything that I think Chris may touch. I think I seriously may be getting paranoid about Chris not getting any germs.

After today, we will be at the hospital every day until the transplant and then I am not really sure what to expect. We know that Chris will likely get really sick after this, but the only previous patients that we spoke to did the treatment as an inpatient, so they stayed in the hospital for at least an additional week or two. I am assuming that this means that we will be going to the hospital on a daily basis just to check Chris' blood and give him antibiotics. While on one hand, I don't really like the idea of Chris living in a hospital for a week, there is definitely a part of me that likes the idea of having trained medical professionals working just outside Chris' door.

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