Monday, December 20, 2010

Day +7 (post-transplant)

I remember when we first started this blog we had some days when we would search for things to talk about. Now I find I am overwhelmed with all of the things to report.

First off here are Chris' counts:
White Blood Cell: 0.1
Platelets: 11
Hemoglobin: 90
Neutrophils: 0.0

Not much of a change.

So what happened today?

Chris had an MRI and had a consult with a doctor from General Surgery to discuss the possibility of them removing his abscess. Long story short, they found the problem and they can't do anything about it until his white cells are up. It was not good news because we were really hoping that Chris could get rid of it today.

Since his platelets were back down to being low (normal for these counts to go up and down), he had another platelet transfusion. We figured that this number was going to be down because Chris was bruising so easily when they were giving him needles last night. While he looks like he has been in a bad fight with all of these bruises, they don't hurt him at all and I am sort of use to seeing him like this.

Chris had an infusion of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) to help boost his immune system. It is a blood product that is made up from plasma of at least 1000 blood donors (pretty neat). He will get this once a month for the first little while to help build his immune system.

And then because today was not interesting enough, Chris got a really bad fever (39 C) . He broke it within a few hours, but since he is continuing to grow bacteria in his blood cultures, the ydecided that his PICC line may be what was infected. This happens commonly with transplant patients and the insertion site was pretty red and a little warm. They removed his PICC line tonight and inserted a IV line for him to receive his drugs. Watching a PICC line be removed is definetly interesting as they pull a 2 foot blue tube from his arm like its nothing.  The PICC line will need to be out for at least 24 hours and then they will insert it again. They really prefer to give drugs by PICC line because all of these drugs are tough on the veins. o

All of this excitement definetly tuckered Chris out and he is fast asleep. I think I will join him.

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