Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day -8

Who would have thought sitting in bed for hours would be so tiring?

We are now finished three days of busulphan with only one more to go and we are both exhausted. This is most likely due to the lack of sleep we have been having lately. Luckily, however, the sleeping pills that they put Chris on yesterday (Zopiclone) worked much better. They also made him a lot funnier. Chris decided to take the pill an hour before we went to bed, because he felt the Ativan took too long to kick in. We were watching the last period of the Leafs game when he turned to me and told me he felt drunk. By the time we went to bed, he looked like he was drunk as he swayed back and forth up the stairs. By the time I went to turn off the lights, he was making absolutely no sense, but fell asleep instantly.
This morning he could not remember any of this. He did not remember watching the end of the Leafs game, the shoot out, that the Leafs had won, or that we had high fived repeatedly when it happened.

The other medication that they gave Chris yesterday was for his hiccups. Unfortunately, it has not been as effective. You may remember from previous blog posts that Chris gets hiccups from taking steriods. One of his anti-nausea medications, Decadron, is a steriod that Chris needs to take for ten days and it has caused him to hiccup almost non-stop. The episdoes can last for hours at a time, seperated only by short periods of relief. The best way for Chris to get rid of them remains resting his head on our cold, kitchen counter with all of the lights off. Weird? Yes, but effective.

Today we receieved a mixture of saline and water that Chris needs to start rinsing his mouth with. Since, it is very common to get mouth and throat sores with the chemo regimen that Chris is on, they want him to start taking it as a  preventitive measure.

We also discussed with the nurse today the idea of being admitted during his cylclophosphamide. This is the chemo drug we do not have very fond memories of. They aren't sure why, but Chris retained all of the water he drank when he took the cyclo, which is problematic when you need to go to the bathroom every hour. They aren't sure if it has something to do with his MS and since all MS patients that did this procedure before did the whole procedure as in patients, they definetly think it may be an option. We may try and bring it up with one of Chris' doctors tomorrow before we get our break day on Tuesday.

Finally, the only new update for today is Chris is now required to wear a mask whenever he is in the hospital and not in his room. Since this time of year is full of people with airborune illnesses (and they all seem to want to hang out at the hospital), they want to take every precaution to make sure Chris is safe. It's funny the way people react to someone wearing a mask. When we went into the hospital this morning, nobody thought twice about standing near Chris. However, when we left you could definetly tell people were keeping their distance and glancing over at him with concern. I am sure I would do the same thing in their position, but at the same time I just wanted to announce to the elevator "He is wearing a mask because he doesnt want to catch anything from YOU!"

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