Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day -9

Chris is  now halfway through the Busulphan now and starting to get some side effects from the chemo and the drugs.
His blood results showed that his kidney was having trouble with chemo, so they told Chris he needs to try and drink a lot more liquids to try and dilute the chemo.
His blood sugar is also pretty high, which apparently is pretty common with one of the drugs he is on. They are going to monitor it and if they don't come down, they will try putting him on something else.

Some of the other side effects are not as serious and others are a litttle humourous. Chris definetly has been sufferieng from a little bit of "chemo fog." He came downstairs to grab a pair of scissors to cut open a milk bag and ended up going upstairs with the TV remote.
My favourite example of his mind lapses came when he was Christmas shopping online for me last night. Chris wanted to surprise me this year and pick out a gift without any hints.

After he had been on the laptop for an hour and did his best to make sure I didn't see the screen, he glanced over at his pills and said, "Do any of my jewellery cause these side effects?" He then looked at my shocked and said, " I mean do any of my gifts cause...I mean do any of my medications cause these side effects?" I guess he sort of let it slip what I was getting for Christmas this year, but I can't say that I am that disappointed. Chris on the other hand has been beating himself up that he managed to ruin another surprise.

To cheer him up, we spent the night decorating the house and our beautiful tree for Christmas! We have photos for your enjoyment :)

Unfortunately, in addition to the mind lapses, Chris also had a really hard time falling asleep last night. He took an Ativan at 10:30 when we went go to sleep, but still had not fallen asleep at 4:30. He took another Ativan at 4:30, which seemed to work and he was able to sleep until 7:30 when we got up to go to chemo this morning. When he woke up however, he had absolutely no balance. He looked like he had been drinking heavily as he walked around to the bathroom, and I needed to steady him multiple times. While some of the drugs can cause dizziness, they also think that for some reason the Ativan or another drug has triggered an MS symptom. They perscribed him another sleeping pill for tonight and they hope to see an improvement by tomorrow.

Today's chemo was mostly uneventful. We arrived at 9:00 and Chris was hooked up by 10:45. We also had a room to ourselves today, which was really nice! Chris' nurse also tried putting on a different dressing on his PICC line, because it was still really red and irritated.

For the rest of the night, we are just planning on taking it easy and hopefully getting some much needed sleep!

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