Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day +20 (post-transplant)

Today we hoped that Chris would be discharged, but unfortunately we will back at the hospital for at least another day.

Chris had a low blood pressure, so they needed to pump him full of liquids this morning. It made sense because he was getting really dizzy whenever he stood up.  Some of his other counts seemed low, including his potassium, so his doctor wanted Chris to come in tomorrow.

They were not overly concerned with this new development. Chris was so tired yesterday that the only real meal he had was dinner. He didn't get out of bed until after lunch and all he wanted then was ice cream. He napped until dinner time and then went to bed after that. He also was not able to keep his breakfast down this morning, so they just told us told us to make sure that Chris was eating and especially drinking a lot. Even if this meant waking Chris up just so that he could eat and hydrate.

I, of course, took this personally and spent my day making sure Chris was drinking and made another run to the grocery store to stock up on a variety of liquids. I felt a little bad waking him up to eat and drink (but only a little).

Chris' other counts were doing better.

White bloods cells were up: 2.8

Platelets were stable after falling for days: 19

Hemoglobin was only slightly lower: 108

And we didn't get his neutrophils today.

The other good news is that Chris didn't feel as tired today. He was able to stay up to watch the entire World Juniors game when Canada beat Switzerland. And while he had a few naps throughout the day, he was able to stay up to 11:00 pm ( a new high).

Hopefully this means Chris will pass all of his tests tomorrow.

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