Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day +23 (post-transplant)

I am a little depressed tonight. Not because anything is wrong with Chris, but Canada just lost in the World Hockey Juniors. The first thing we did when Chris got out of the hospital was watch the first game of the tournament. Sorry, I am getting a little nostalgic here (and off-topic).

Today we are actually finding it hard to write a blog post. Aside from the whole depression thing, not a whole lot happened today. We didn't go to the hospital, Chris didn't get any blood tests and he didn't get any transfusions. He didn't even pull any of his stunts when he comes up with some strange symptom that he doesn't mention until the the main hospital office closes for the day.

We defintely took advantage of the day off. Chris even left the house and we went to a few stores with me today. He is finding his fatigue to be getting a lot better and he is becoming a lot more independent. We have been surprised with how fast he seems to be getting better and feeling better.

However, we have decided that we probably start blogging a little less often so that we only post when we have news to share. Chris will have a doctor's appointment on Friday, so unless something major happens tomorrow, we will be taking a day off from blogging too. We will be sure to post on Friday to show how Chris is progressing.

No news is good news and that certainly applies to Chris' health too.

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  1. Glad to hear about Chris' definite upward health trajectory!