Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day +31 (post-transplant) One Month Anniversary

Chris is now officially one month from his transplant.

Chris will our pill suitcase. We could pretty much open
a pharmacy right now.

He is doing really well. Much better than we could have imagined one month ago. However, Chris is having a hard time now that his improvements are not are noticeable and aren't as rapid. He still becomes incredibly tired after even walking up the stairs and is still having these strange hot and cold flashes. He is either boiling hot and sweating or freezing cold and shivering.

But he is now completely off his pain killer. An amazing sign since doctors orginally thought that Chris would contiue to be in pain until he had surgery. Now it appears that he won't need to undergo any surgeris.

He is also off  anti-nausea medication and is only drinking one Ensure a day (he was drinking about three before).
One of the things that Chris is finding hardest is the house arrest feel of this recovery. If he does leave the house, he needs to avoid areas that have a lot of people. And even if we do the leave the house, he is usually too tired to stay out very long or even go out at all.

In terms of how his MS is right now he is pretty stable. We haven't seen any signs of improvements (completely normal at this point, and we may never see any improvement), and we haven't seen any signs of relapses or progression. It's too bad that there isn't a test you can take that will tell you if you are cured. We do want to continue to update this blog on Chris' MS condition to see how successful this procedure was .For right now we are just focused on Chris' recovery.

Speaking of which, we are back at the hospital again tomorrow, so we will be back with another update on his recovery tomorrow night!

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  1. Sounds like a mostly "normal" recovery profile for this treatment type for Chris. Right now his health is dominated by the recovery from the chemo, not the MS (although it's nearly certain that his MS progression is stopped + reversing but you can't yet notice it). I suspect that the noticable MS improvements will begin approximately 6 months post-transplant. Until then, I hope Chris will be able to take it easy until his body recovers from the "beating" that he took from the chemo. Bestwishes - George