Friday, January 21, 2011

Day +39

It was nice not going to the hospital today.

It was also nice getting Chris' results. Chris tested negative for CMV in his last test. He will still need to stay on his anti-virals and continue to be tested once a week for the next few months, but it was a relief to know that it is under control for now.

We also asked about Chris' high white blood cell count. They told us that there was a chance that his high white blood cell count could quite possibly be due to an infection. But as long as Chris continues to not have a fever and is feeling well, we don't need to worry about it. Unless Chris' white blood cell count spikes outside the normal range, we don't need to worry about anything.

It is also possible that Chris just has good bone marrow. He is young and other than his MS really healthy, so maybe he really is just really good at growing stem cells and white blood cells. I guess everyone has a talent.

It's a good thing that Chris is doing better because I am unfortunately back at work on Monday. As terrible as this procedure has been, it has been a nice little honeymoon spending litterally all day every day together (minus a two day break) since we were married. Even though I am working from home, it will be an adjustment for Chris and he is taking suggestions for a new hobby to help pass the time.

Chris got an X-box Kinect for Christmas, and he started doing some "personal training" with it yesterday. He lost a lot of muscle during the procedure. Shirts that use to be really tight around his arms are now really loose. He was only able to do bicep curls and shoulder presses with 5 lbs weights when he was doing 30-35 lbs (40 lbs on his good days) before the treatment. He did a ten minute workout routine and was sore the next day. It was still a huge difference from a few weeks ago when he would get winded going up the stairs.

We are back at the hospital on Tuesday for another check up and blood work and Chris will need to schedule his IVIG. He gets this treamtent once a month (he had it on Day +7) and it helps prevent infection and boost the immune system.

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