Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two month update

Chris on Day +66 after his transplant and
feeling great!
Chris was officially two month post-transplant on Sunday (February 13). He has really improved leaps and bounds from our last update. He does 30 minutes of cardio each day and is starting to lift weights again (and  much more than 5 lbs now!) He can even keep up with me when I go on shopping trips, which is an accomplishment for any man, bone marrow transplant or not.

We have his next appointment on March 1 and Chris is going to discuss with his doctor about going back to work soon. Originally they had discussed June 2011 as a probable timetable, but at the rate he is going, it is hard to imagine being at home for another three months.

Even though he has made such hugh improvements in his endurance and strength, he is mostly proud about his hair growth. His hair is officially growing back on his head (lot of fine hair!) and for some reason his facial hair, especially his moustache, is growing back thicker than before. He needs to shave it almost every day now! Weird.

In terms of his MS symptoms we are trying to be alert of any signs of relapses or progression and maybe even  some signs of improvements. No relapses, no progression. In fact, Chris' last relapse would have been April/May 2010 (he had mitoxantrone in July to try and prevent relapses and progression prior to transplant). I get super excited just thinking about this.

 In terms of improvement, we are actually starting to pick up on little things. Prior to the transplant, if Chris used the elliptical, his muscle in his left leg would spasm and shake. Since he has started working out on the elliptical again after the transplant, he hasn't experienced any muscle spasms on his left leg.  It may seem really minimal, but it is such a hopeful sign for us.

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