Thursday, May 26, 2011

MS Walk and Research Study

To all our incredible donors: Team Glazier thanks you!

As we mentioned previously on this blog, Chris and I decided to participate in the Ottawa MS Walk this year. We feel a huge amount of gratitude to the MS Society, who  funded the stem cell transplant trial, as well as the research study that Chris is now participating in.

We also feel a huge amount of gratitude to our friends and family that signed up to join our MS Walk team,Team Glazier, and generously donated. In total, we raised approximately $6,500.

For anyone still interested, we can still accept donations for the MS Walk until June 13

At the walk, I was interviewed by CTV News about Chris' experience (they had read our blog!). Now some people claim they saw me getting emotional, but I still stand by the fact that I was cool and calm.

While the walk was such a great day, Chris did have some difficulty walking the 5 km. Chris finds that especially in the cold his muscles in his left leg seem to contract and it puts a lot of pressure on his hip. For the last 1 km Chris was definitely in a lot of discomfort, but he pushed through and finished the walk. Chris has been doing so well since the procedure, we sometimes forget that it is not an instant fix.

Finally, we have received Chris' schedule for the MS Research Clinic. Chris will be spending the morning at the clinic on June 13 (exactly 6 months following his transplant). He will also be getting an MRI on June 17.  This means we will have a much better idea on how this procedure has affected his MS.

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