Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chris MS Recovery Update: Two Years Relapse Free

Chris kayaking in Mexico in March. One of the many new
active hobbies we have taken up since his transplant.
I have been feeling guilty now with how little we have been updating this blog since  Chris' transplant, but to tell you the truth, there is not much to report on anymore. And no news is good news, right?

However, we are very excited to announce that Chris has hit a pretty big milestone this month. He is now two years relapse free. It is hard to believe that two years ago, Chris had started having a relapse every other month and was rapidly declining, and now he seems to be only getting better. The difference in his life is pretty significant.

Sure, Chris still is unable to run, but he can ride a bike further and faster than I can, and is stronger than ever before.

Chris might not have the greatest memory and never seems to remember anything that I tell him, but I don't ever recall a time in our seven year relationship when he did have a good memory. And I still have yet to meet anyone that thinks that their husband/boyfriend remembers everything (or anything) they say.

And, Chris may still have a hard time walking long distance in cool weather. But really, who likes to go on long walks when it is cold outside anyway?

Speaking of long walks in cold weather, we participated in the annual MS Walk on April 29, and were able to raise $3,129.31 for the MS Society of Canada. It was, however, an extremely cold morning for the walk. I think it was about 3 degrees celsius and extremely windy. As we have mentioned before, Chris is different from most people with MS, and is actually cold-sensitive (most people are heat-sensitive). This means that Chris actually finds that his MS symptoms actually get worse in cold weather.

Despite this, Chris was able to finish the 5km walk without a problem, which marked a big difference from the year before. Last year, Chris experienced really bad hip pain from the limp he developed during the walk, and was forced to stop throughout the walk to rest. This year, Chris had no problem keeping pace, and finished the walk without a break or complaint.

Next month, Chris has his biannual MS research appointment, where they track his improvement following the transplant and we will be sure to let you know if Chris has his EDSS score lower again. Fingers crossed!