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The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada has a detailed description of the stem cell/bone marrow transplant clinical trial in Ottawa on their website at:

The Ottawa Hospital is currently the only program offering stem cell transplants to treat MS patients in Canada.

The official trial consisted of 24 extremely brave MS patients. Recruitment started in October 2000 and then last transplant finished in February 2010. Following this, several MS patients, including Chris, have been treated outside of the trial with the same procedure.

To date, the transplants have been well tolerated in MS patients with mild or moderate side effects. At this point, there have been no documented MS relapses following the transplant procedure. There has been one death related to chemotherapy induced liver toxicity. Following this death, modifications were made to the procedure  to reduce the risk of liver toxicity.

There are currently a number of hospitals around the world that offer stem cell transplants for MS patients with slightly different chemotheraphy regimens. However, this stem cell transplants should not be confused with stem cell treatments (also offered in a number of countries), which does not involve chemotherapy or growing a new immune system. It also has not had the same results.