Monday, January 3, 2011

Day + 21 (post-transplant)

I am now convinced that Chris will never be discharged. Another day at the hosptial today and they decided that they still want Chris coming in daily.
He was feeling much better this morning, kept his breakfast down (although it was only an Ensure) and despite feeling tired, he had no complaints.

On a side note: I am also convinced that Chris is pregnant. His three biggest complaints: morning sickness, extreme fatigue and just feeling uncomfortable all the time.

However, they still pumped Chris full of hydration and booked another appointment for tomorrow. The decision was in part due to the fact that Chris will need home care for the first little while, and since it was a statuatory holiday today, their office was not open.

Another side note: For anyone considering this procedure, if you have the option to not do this during Christmas break. Aside from the obvious issues (no turkey, no family and no Santa in the hospital), there is a lot of staff changes over holidays and some services, such as home care are closed, which can slow down the transition process.

The home care service will take care of Chris' PICC line, which will remain in for the next little while and give him hydration until his doctor is satisfied that he is drinking enough and keeping everything down.

Chris' counts were doing well today:

White Bloode Cell: 2.9

Platelets: 23 This is the first time they have gone up naturally (i.e. not after he received a platelet transfusion)

Hemoglobin: 104

Neutrophils: 1.6

When we first left the hospital, we met with the team's social worker to talk about how Chris would be doing over the next few months. She mentioned that it would likely be hard to see daily improvement, and that it would be probably be weekly improvement. However, we have been noticing some pretty big differences in Chris each day. He was much more awake and alert today. While he still gets winded going up our stairs, he is now awake for a good part of the day. We also keep seeing nurses that took care of Chris as recent as a week ago, and they all seemed impressed with his improvement.

And while we have been bragging on this blog that Chris did not lose all of his hair on his head, we realized today when we were trying to put our finger on why Chris still looks really sick, that Chris' eyebrows and eyelashes have thinned signifcantly. He also shaved when he came home from the hospital over a week ago and he has yet to grow any stuble.

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