Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day +36

We have good news and bad news again.

Chris' counts were up today. Way up. Shockingly high.

Platelets: 100 (150-450 is normal)
We were just hoping for him to be over 50, so that he would start his new antibiotic.

Hemoglobin: 118 (140-180 is normal)

And Chris' WBC is....drum roll, please....8.6

That's insanely high.

Now, we got these results over the phone, so I am not sure if this spike is normal. We have read other people's progress online and no one seemed to have a spike like this. While I am sure that if that number was troublesome, we would be notified about it or be going in to the hospital again, a high white blood cell count usually means an infection. I also learned (thanks to Google) that pregnancy in the final month can also be linked with heightened white blood cells, so this could support my earlier theory that I think Chris is pregnant ( he was getting morning sickness and tired all of the time).

Speaking of infection... we thought we would find out today if Chris had responded well to the new anti-viral he was on and if his CMV levels were down. Well it turns out that while they conducted the test today, we don't learn the results until Friday.
Now we are waiting another three days to find out what the next steps are. This was the bad news.

To help pass the time Chris is having another MRI tonight at 10:00 pm. They wanted to check to make sure that his abscesses healed, and that he doesn't need any further surgery. Chris has been over pain medication for about a week now, so we are really hopeful that he was able to fix himself.

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