Friday, December 17, 2010

Day +4 (post-transplant)

I am pretty exhausted right now, so I won't be posting too much tonight. I will try and post earlier tomorrow to catch everyone up on Chris' progress.

Chris counts now are:

White Blood Cell: 0.1

Hemoglobin: 46

Platelets: less than 10 (apparently they stop counting after 10)

Neutophils: 0.0

Since his platelets are so low they gave him a platelet transfusion today. You could really see the difference as Chris is covered in bruises right now (I swear none of them are from me) and he is getting nose bleeds.

He also had a CT scan today to see if they could find out what is causing all of pain. The CT scan was clear, but they said it is very hard to see things unless they are really big on a CT scan, so they are going to do an MRI tomorrow. There isn't really a rush because there is not much they can do for Chris regardlress of what he has. Since his platelets are so low and white blood cells are so low, it would be far to risk for them to actually do anything for him internally.

They also determined his infection based on his blood cultures today. He has pseudomonas aerugionsa, which is a bacteria that they say is fairly common with transplant patients. They started an additional antibiotics this afternoon to treat it, and Chris' fever has been lower ever since (approximately 38.2 C)

The main issue of the day was dealing with Chris' pain medication. He is in  a lot pain, but the pain medications are making him really loopy. They are trying to find a good compromise between Chris' comfort level and mental level. I think a lot of his loopiness can be attributed to two nights of very limited sleep. He needed to go the washroom every ten minutes last night. So two nights of no sleep, in the same week where he had four nights in a row of getting up every hour. I am feeling pretty loopy myself and I am not on any pain medications.

I REALLY hoping for a good night's sleep tonight. I am a strong believer that the more sleep you get, the better you feel and Chris really needs to start feeling better.

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